Native California Plants Reaching Critical Levels

Scientists from the University of California recently conducted several studies on native plant species in the California reserve to uncover whether exotic or introduced plants to the region really were dissolving native wildlife. The results were astounding, as scientists found that not only were native species falling to critical levels, they were essentially being “weeded” out by other plant life.

foreign plants taking over

The native species, when grown in areas of exotic grasses which are abundant, were found to have been growing too far apart from one another to adequately seed for regrowth. These plants also struggled obtaining vital nutrients.

Additionally, the growth in “isolated patches” increased the threat of fire and inability to survive. The study compared potted plants of native species that were grown separate in the same conditions, but without the introduction of an exotic species.

While it’s hard to say what may increase the growth of native species back to their normal levels, it will take expertise and hard work. Learn more by visiting