New Information Discovered About Pests and Native Species

A recent study conducted in Washington found that pests are far more likely to be found on species that are commonly associated with weeds, rather than native species plants. The study also found that beneficial insects were approximately three times more likely to be found on native species plants.

pests and native plants

What this study means for individuals attempting to regrow and use revegetation practices is that they are likely able to do so, knowing that native species will thrive as long as weeds, foreign pests or non-beneficial insects, which are all kept at bay with effective pest control and management.

This breakthrough study offers much hope for projects such as revegetation or desert restoration when it comes to determining what plant species will survive and how individuals can develop better pest management and regrowth plans. It is the tip of the iceberg on understanding what pests are doing to populations of well-maintained native plant species in the United States.