How to Restore Soil Color in the Aftermath of a Wildfire

If you’ve ever taken a road trip in your life, especially in the West, you’ve probably driven by vast hills of black, charred soil. Aside from being an eyesore, what other effects does this soot-colored soil have on the surrounding area? The truth is that the problem is more than just cosmetic; damaged soil from wildfires can have drastic and far reaching effects, such as disturbing the ecosystem, creating sandstorms, and even mudslides.

desert landscape

damaged soil can lead to mudslides.

Whether man-made or otherwise, the wildfires that cause this damage to the soil are a part of life. So what can be done to restore the land affected by fires back to its natural beauty? For over a decade, Soil Tech has worked to restore soil using its Accelerated Coloration Technology (A.C.T.). This product not only restores the natural color to the soil, but disperses seeds of native grass and plant life to accelerate the regrowth process. To learn more about soil color mitigation or rock stain, contact Soil Tech at (702) 873-2023.


Photo credit: MichaelOnTheTrail via photopin cc