Flood Control Structures


Sometimes, when there are heavy rains, an increase in melting of snow, strong winds directly over the water, even the destruction of dams and levees, flooding can occur and because major floods cover the earth’s solid surface, it can cause catastrophic events that will not be known until later in the future. Flooding can be a normal occurrence, but they can also create great changes in the geography of land and even endanger the lives of people. Many rivers that flood during certain seasons overflow into flood plains. However, when flooding occurs in the city, since the surface of the city is normally asphalt, concrete and other smooth surfaces, the water can travel more quickly along these surfaces and if there is not a built efficient drainage system, you will begin to see automobiles floating down the street and low altitude areas completely filled with water. Companies like Soil Tech build flood control structures and have assisted the federal government in many natural environment protection projects.


Hurricane Katrina and Flood Damage

Flooding can damage property and put people and pets in danger. When water runoff reaches high speeds, it can cause an erosion of the soil stripping the land of nutrients and depositing it further down the stream. Wildlife can be destroyed and natural environments polluted. Damage caused by floods has recently cost the United States government billions of dollars. The Infamous Hurricane Katrina which devastated the southern United States in 2005 was the worst flood Alabama had ever seen in 90 years. In the beginning of Hurricane Katrina, fresh ocean water was washed on shore, but after the Hurricane, the water mixed with the open sewers and the debris of the city and actually turned the water a black color. People who stood in the water for short amounts of time were reported to have suffered from rashes and skin irritations. It was estimated that the total destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina was upwards of around $200 billion. The hurricane took 1,833 lives in total. One of the reasons for why the Hurricane created such a horrendous flood was because the flood control structures that were meant to protect the cities were actually out dated and ineffective. With the proper structures, it is highly likely that the damages would not have been as devastating and costly, and maybe not as many lives would have been taken.

It is important that our city officials and heads of state enforce the proper safety regulations and appropriate structures for state of emergency occurrences such as Hurricane Katrina or floods of grand proportions. The best we can do is not just to develop new technology, but we must put them to use as well. We are a highly advanced society that chooses to not unleash its full potential and it may one day cost us dearly. Older flood control structures must be replaced with updated with newer more efficient structures and the Soil Tech Company will be able to help. Contact us for more information regarding how we can extend our services to you.

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