Lakeshore Edging

Lakes are beautiful places to visit and a great way to experience the natural environment. The tranquil ambience and gorgeous scenery of the vibrant vegetation and sparkling body of water can bring us back to when asphalt and buildings did not yet exist, reminding us of how this was once our home. Man believes he has conquered the earth, and in a sense, this is true. Without the help of man and his technology, the lakes, mountains and other places in nature (even the animals) we enjoy will see destruction not only by Mother Nature, but also by man himself. We may have been the cause of many of these problems in nature, but we are advanced enough to solve the problems that directly affect our homes and our comfort.

Man uses things like lakeshore edging to help maintain the shape of a lake as well as help to prevent the water from crashing onto the shore with great force. Lakeshore edging is often times created using large to medium-sized boulders. These boulders help to prevent rushing water from moving too quickly from the coastline. The man-made techniques and strategies for maintaining nature help to keep our lakes intact so that we can enjoy them for as long as possible.

Although man has the ability to solve many problems in nature, we are also the cause of a great number. With the increased number of cities turned metropolitan areas and with more opportunity for employment in the cities, many people are somewhat forced into living the more city life so that they can earn a living and take care of their families. This does not mean that people no longer care about the lakes, beaches and other outdoor recreational locations. There are many people who still enjoy the natural environment. However, we are beginning to see signs of erosion, both man-made and natural, in the natural environments we love. There are times where regardless of our abilities and technology, we may not be able to solve all of Mother Nature’s problems. For instance, lakeshore edging may be able to keep the shape of a lake for the meanwhile, but it is not enough to completely control the water levels, especially if there is a disastrous flood.

Lake Mead located in Las Vegas, Nevada has seen drops in water levels of almost one foot per year. Lake Mead provides approximately 80% of Las Vegas’ water and because of the over irrigation of homeowners and the irresponsible use of our limited supply of water, some scientists believe that if the city does not set down strict water regulations, we many need the assistance of the federal government very soon.

Lakeshore edging is a simple and effective way to keep a lakeshore beautiful and safe. The problems that come with advanced technology are that it somehow detracts from the natural cycles and equilibrium of Mother Nature. A perfect balance of nature preservation technology and man-made technology for comfort in society must be discovered before we continue on into the future believing that our earth is perfectly fine the way it is.

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