Landscape Scars

When you study a natural landscape like a rock formation such as the Red Rock Canyons or a vast desert with sparse vegetation like one you will find driving from California to Las Vegas, you will notice an odd almost illusory symmetry or a visual balance of elements like stones, hills and plants that when looked upon from a distance or at a high rate of speed are perfectly aligned to create a majestic scenery. Sometimes, natural environments will suffer from an irregular tear patter or scarring of the landscape. Landscape scars are visually noticeable abnormalities in rock formations, vegetative landscapes and other natural surroundings. This scarring of the land is usually caused by construction projects that required use of the land in order to transport material and is the end result of constant use of heavy machinery. A destroyed or contaminated landscape looks awful and should be restored no matter what the cost.

If a business is located on or near damaged environments that are suffering from landscape scars, the business may suffer. Potential customers and clients of your business often times create associations and draw conclusions about your business by its surroundings. For example, if there is a foul odor or a visually unattractive pile of construction debris sitting directly adjacent to your business, your customers and potential customers will associate this environment with your business – especially if the element brings about a negative reaction. This is one reason why it is important that the environment surrounding your business is visually pleasing.

Living in the city, we often times overlook the small things that help to keep our society moving. The natural landscape we see as we commute through our city is beautiful and kept that way because a visually aesthetic environment helps to put us and keep us in a comfortable mind state. The more we enjoy our natural surroundings the more at peace we become. A peaceful state of mind allows for the proper function of our society, and overall, happy and content individuals. Studies have shown that people who have access to a natural landscape, even through looking out of a window, have shown signs of decreased heart rates meaning that they are less likely to be stressed out. That is why it is important not just for the sake of beauty but for the sake of our own comfort that our natural landscape become an important part of our lives.

Landscape scars can be extremely noticeable and can destroy the look of an entire landscape. If the land on your property, whether residential or commercial, is suffering from an unsightly landscape, the Soil Tech Land Restoration Company can replenish the land using natural methods of vegetative growth. When it comes to rock formations, our company uses a green friendly natural color to restore the color of the damaged rock. We use sophisticated science and state of the art technology to bring to life the natural environment. Our services are not simply focused on visual beautification of the land and water, but we also specialize in trail construction and fence installation. Contact Soil Tech for more information regarding our services.

Soil-Tech is an environmental restoration and preservation company based in Las Vegas. Through its Color Mitigation, Dust and Erosion Control and Native Resources divisions it is able to provide complete solutions for environmentally sound construction needs of any scale. For more information, visit