Quarry Construction

If you have ever seen what looks to be like staircase steps dug out of the earth, you are looking at a quarry. A quarry is an open-pit mine, or a large man-made hole dug deep into the earth, created for the purpose of mineral extraction. Quarry construction requires the help of expert heavy machinery operators and even engineers who specialize in water removal and drainage. The minerals that are normally extracted from the earth are used for various things like to build the foundation and walls of certain homes and buildings, to create concrete and asphalt roads, to sell as sand or gravel and also these rocks and minerals are commonly used to create riprap or rock barriers – the barriers made of stone you normally see on a coastline separating the water from the land. Other stones gathered from these quarries are used as landscape decoration for residential and commercial areas as well as kitchen countertops for consumers. Many of these materials are necessary in today society and without the continuing extraction of these minerals; we could not build homes or roads the conventional way. In short, society would not be able to function the way it does if we were to stop the excavation of the earth for its precious stones and minerals.

Quarry construction that takes place near areas with surface or ground water will more than likely run into problems of drainage and water transportation. Normally, while a quarry is being extracted of its minerals, a pump is installed to remove the water from the work zone. As workers dig deeper for minerals, the ground or surface water they come across will result in an inflow increase. It becomes a more difficult and costly process to have a greater amount of water pumped a greater distance out of the quarry.
If you have seen a quarry, you may also agree that they are not visually appealing. Governments and other institutions often urge the people, companies and businesses in charge of the quarry construction to implement land restoration techniques in order to both restore the land of its beauty and to assist in the restoration of the natural environment and ecosystem so that everything is back to how it was before the excavation. There are actually companies available that will help with quarry restoration. Also, these certain companies usually specialize in land reclamation or the transformation of a certain type of land back into useful land. Companies that focus on land reclamation can also restore a quarry by assisting in the natural growth of vegetation in that specific area.

Some of the more well-known types of rock that are normally extracted through the use of quarries are:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Sandstone
  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • China clay
  • Coal
  • Limestone

These types of rock are desperately needed in the construction of homes and for the comforts of those living in society. Without them, we as a society will have to change our methods of construction, housing and transportation.